Key Features To Seek Out In Backlit House Numbers

Key Features To Seek Out In Backlit House Numbers

14 September 2022
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If you want to make your home's address more visible at night -- as to help visitors find your property a lot easier -- then you can purchase backlit house numbers. Just make sure they come with the following features. 


You're going to be putting these backlit house numbers on the outside of your property and that means they will come in contact with the elements. You don't have to fear them taking a lot of damage though if you just find numbers with a weatherproof design. Then these numbers will last a very long time.

The materials that these numbers are made out of should be weatherproof, whether it's some type of plastic or other synthetic material. Also, verify the numbers have been through weather tests to prove they can hold up to the elements. That will save you a lot of repairs.

Vibrant Backlit Design

The whole intention of buying house numbers with a backlit design is to ensure they stick out at night, making your address really visible for all to see. You thus want to make sure this backlit aspect is as vibrant as possible so that no one has confusion about what the home address is.

You can get a better depiction of this aspect of house numbers if you see them work in real-time. If you can't view them in person, the next best thing would be videos of the backlit house numbers working at night. Then you can see for yourself how vibrant the backlit designs are and then make your selection.

Automated Capabilities

You probably don't want to be responsible for turning the lights on and off each day with these numbers because you may have a busy life. In that case, you need to find backlit house numbers with automated capabilities. Then the light will turn on and off by itself based on how dark it gets outside.

You can thus just stay inside and know the backlit will activate at the right times of the day, making these house numbers all the more dynamic and useful around your property.

If you want to enhance your property on the outside, one thing you might consider is adding some backlit house numbers. Then your address will be clearly visible. You just need to find the right house numbers with a backlit design on the market, which is easy if you focus on certain specs and attributes.