Reasons To Visit An Art Gallery On A Date

20 March 2023
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If you're looking to suggest a date idea to someone you're dating, you might wish to come up with a destination that isn't the norm. While dinner, drinks, and a movie can be fun, suggesting something more unique can show that you've put some thought into the date as it approaches. One place that you may wish to visit on a date is a local art gallery. Many galleries are open into the evening a few nights a week; alternatively, you might wish to visit on a weekend afternoon. Read More …

Six Reasons Why Civil War Preservation Is So Important

17 March 2023
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Civil War sites are cultural and historical resources that need to be protected. Unfortunately, many people don't understand why it's so important to invest in Civil War preservation and to prevent Civil War landmarks from being destroyed. The following are six reasons why Civil War preservation is so important.  Civil War sites offer educational experiences to history students. Students who are studying history may be able to understand historical events better if they can see the landscapes and buildings where such events took place. Read More …