Progressive Posters Of The Southwest: You Have A Lot Of Choices

Progressive Posters Of The Southwest: You Have A Lot Of Choices

10 October 2022
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A good progressive poster needs to get its point across, but it really has to look beautiful, as well. While you could go for stylized sayings with elegant borders or to-the-point explanations of why people need to pay attention to a certain issue, you can also look for art that commemorates or memorializes in graphic form rather than text form. You can also look for educational posters that focus on a historical event that was a triumph or tragedy for progressive causes. Whatever you choose, make it a true conversation piece.

Spotlight Political Issues

The Southwest has a lot of political issues that have been important for years and that are still affecting everyone in the region. Water rights and supplies will always be an issue in the Southwest, especially if droughts continue, so a poster detailing something like the change in water levels over time, the way water supplies are formed, or even how cities in the region are working to conserve water could be a possibility. The border and the border fence's effect on animal migration, flood drainage, and plant life could be another topic. These posters can offer information that will educate onlookers about the topic of the poster.

Display Cultural and Historical References

If you prefer to have a poster on cultural and historical references, you could look for straightforward history, such as the contribution of the Navajo code talkers in World War II. Or, you could get a little more creative, such as having a poster about the Armadillo World Headquarters, a Texas venue that saw both superstars come to perform and new acts that went on to musical greatness. If you prefer your posters to keep little-known events in the public eye, you could look for posters about events like the Bisbee Deportation, a 1917 forced expulsion of striking Arizona miners who were taken out of the state in response to the miners forming a strike. And if you simply want a general cultural topic, you could display posters about the various Native American nations within the Southwest or display posters of national parks and monuments that advocate for conservation.

Go for the Whimsical

But having a progressive poster doesn't mean you can't have a little fun. Look for wildlife posters with cute animals, for example; you can easily discuss conservation and the environment when looking at a picture of a cute little ringtail cat, for example, or even better, a grasshopper mouse. You can't beat posters like that for starting conversations.

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